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Trumpocalypse Now!

Posted on Jan 18, 2017

On Inauguration Day, I’ll be participating in the group exhibit “Trumpocalypse – What Now?” at the Sacred Gallery in NYC. I created three new pieces for the exhibit.

For over a year, I’ve been drawing Trump. From one of my first sketches, to work I published in a coloring book. Now I’m participating in an anti-inauguration art event. I’m honored to have been invited to take part, but I wish the election had gone differently. A major party candidate makes fun of a disabled reporter and wins the party’s nomination? He makes numerous disparaging comments about women and wins the election? I guess that’s the fucked up world we live in now. I keep telling myself I did a really good job figuring out how to draw that shitshow he calls a hairdo. Honestly, I do sincerely hope that he succeeds as leader of this nation. However, my hopes are not high. With days to go before his inauguration, I see little from him in the way of “acting presidential” — something predicted and expected throughout the election. Regarding the turmoil that was the election itself, I’ll paraphrase Charles Gaba: ‘Not all Trump supporters are bigots, but all of them decided that bigotry wasn’t a deal-breaker. End of story.’