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Carnival Pride 12/26/10 – 1/2/11

Baltimore – Port Canaveral – Nassau – Freeport

A Recap and Some Observations

Ironically I’m writing this while watching the “Undercover Boss” episode featuring the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines.

I was so glad just to make it out of Baltimore with the Blizzard of 2010 threatening to block any escape from the East Coast. Luckily the storm skimmed Baltimore County and after spending Christmas II with my family after Erika’s arrival from NJ, we managed to spend some time with Jon & Olivia who had only recently made it back to the US for the holidays after their earlier travel plans were thwarted by EuroBlizzard.

We made it onboard just as it really started snowing in Baltimore. The storm brought rough seas and even our waiter admitted that he’d never experienced anything like this. After enduring a dinner of enchanted elegance whilst clad in our finest, we found the cure: Mentos mints! The weather stayed cool for a while and only got above 70º once we reached Nassau.

The ship was very nice, as was our room. It was cozy and we had a balcony so we could look out (saw a pod of dolphins one day) and keep an eye on our lifeboat. As expected, the food was plentiful and the troughs were readily available almost 24/7 for the insatiable hordes. Although one might wonder if somehow limiting the feeding frenzy might ease the burden on the ship’s plumbing system. A large sign stood in every bathroom warning against the injection of any bulky items into the sinks or toilets.

In Florida we wandered around Cocoa Beach and found The Dinosaur Store which was filled with fossils and fossil casts of – you guessed it – dinosaurs. Great for a conversation piece or if you’re an evil genius: a tyranosaurus skeleton for your evil lair. We also found the best goddamn pizza ever at A NY Pizza House.

In Nassau we braved the chilly weather and hit the reef in a clear ocean kayak. Didn’t see any fish though… too busy doing laps up and down the reefs. In spite of the amazing duty free deals on booze and jewelry in Freeport, we only briefly checked out some shops by the pier and spent most of the day in first class schmoozing with the Astors.

The shipboard entertainment was great between the comedians and variety shows. Heard one too many karaoke renditions of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” though.