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My R.E.M.

Posted on Aug 12, 2007

Not referring to the popular American Rock Band, R.E.M.

I spent the better part of my Sunday morning reallocating the thoughts, scenes, and one liners from my excursion Friday night. Which raises the question, ‘where did Saturday go?’ My fry cook suggested I log as many events as I can in ascending order from the present, in the form of caricatures. I, of course, thanked York for the advice but regretfully declined the notion. I lack the ability to functionably access both sides of my brain to analyze and be creative – it’s one or the other. With that said … Here is what I know:

Sometime after my midday shift Mr.Bertrand and Mr.Elliott exercised the enthusiasm to go fishing. Without recourse I accepted the invitation. From the late evening into the early morning of the next day I progressively grew fonder of the bait fish odor, which by my logic implies that it was, indeed, a successful expedition.

‘There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.’

Pre – SUNDAY …
My receptionist had recorded an abrupt phone message from York, indicating an influx of customers, which meant he needed my assistance. Without hesitation I threw myself into the barkeep and kept the consumers at bay whilst we finished a robust order for Dr. Pufs’ staff. By supper I was ready to retire. I had relieved myself of the night shift to locate a social life but, undoubtably, I did not find one and again I was lingering amongst a few regulars, to include Mr. Elliott, in a neighboring city. After a few glasses of vino and a lack luster conversation about politics, I found myself on a strange couch with a sheepdog.

Present SUNDAY …
Like I mentioned earlier, I spent the better part of today organizing previous events. I’m a true believer in having a grasp on your life in most respects. What can be said if I can’t even recall 48 hours. As a disclaimer, this was neither drug or alcohol induced, rather I believe it to be the by product of my R.E.M. – Rapid Eye Movement. Doctors have yet to pinpoint the effect of your eye’s moving too rapidly, so if this is the case then I would have inadvertently missed the majority of my reality.

‘There is only one thing about which I am certain, and this is that there is very little about which one can be certain.’