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It Has Come to Our Attention …

Posted on Aug 16, 2007

… that the majority of the 21st Century census, meaning those born of the latter 1980’s, have a lack of perspective and compassion. This was brought to our attention amongst a usual gathering at the ‘Cellar’.
… My un-educated thesis states that, ‘we should take this chance, to turn things around’.

I have to reiterate that I have begun to spend a great deal of time with Mr. Elliott, the recent divorcee, as it seems he has alot more ‘free-time’ on his hands.
I am not one of philosophy, though I suppose everyone should have their own ‘Lebensphilosophie’ [philosophy of life], but I know the basics:

Thanks to H. Jackson Brown Jr., who put it best in his collection of ‘Life’s Little Instructions’. Look over this catalogue of suggested instructions, then return here for an in depth scope analysis.