Posted by on Jun 20, 2007 in Observations | 0 comments

My bad luck with rental cars continued last week when I had the chance of spending three days behind the wheel of a Toyota Yaris. I fell in love the moment I sat down in its glorious interior that lacked any power locks, windows or even an MP3 player input. While it did comfortably seat 3 tall men and get us where we needed to go efficiently (I’m guessing this since the gas was in liters, not gallons and I didn’t have a calculator on hand), I just felt like a loser driving it.
The wannabe modern styling and nauseating cuteness made for a very emasculating vehicle. Now I guess it would be okay if you had a family, but for a single guy? No way. This is not the car you want to take to pick up a date. Oh, and for some reason the instrument panel is in the middle of the dash so everyone except you can easily monitor your speed which is just one more way this car does a number on your self esteem.