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643 Project 2 Pre-Viz

Posted on Sep 12, 2012

Here’s the pre-viz for project 2 for 643. The aim is to create a scene that includes a transition from high-key to low-key lighting or vice versa.

I had a few ideas. Too many were motivated by dialogue though. Surgeons going into an autopsy only to find out that the victim is non-human, etc. Stuff like that. Then I thought of creating something where a character opens a door and is bathed in light. The images in the film Sunshine stuck in my mind.

First, I thought of doing a live shot in our garage. The light shift is substantial when opening or closing the garage so my idea was to film the door opening as if it were an airlock type setting. I took some test shots and even at ~25mm I couldn’t get the framing I liked. I’d have to film down from the roof.

So I mocked the scene up in Maya. After playing with lights and reading some of Lanier’s lighting book, I put together a decent rough visualization.

The transitions were motivated by communication issues in the story. Characters ar in contact with the character in the airlock/quarantine unit and monitor him/her as the door is opened.